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karLinG . xD
I need userpics :(. Does anybody know some goooood sources? I might open up a community. Anybody got some good names for it ? I mean, everyone else has one...so why not me either ? :D 
feeling: blahblah
jams: Never Underestimate A Girl - Vanessa Hudgens
karLinG . xD
19 September 2007 @ 02:43 pm

FriendsOnlyBannerMileyCyrusEmilyOsm.jpg picture by iloveyoubabe02

name: karling
lj status: in the making
currently: adding / not adding

Things You Need To Know ;
- comment / read entries
- update regularaly ( or as much as you can )
- credit all graphics you take
- appropriet comments 
- add me first before i add you
- must ASK to be added